customized lenses

Our goal at The Center for Eye Care and Optical is to educate our customers so you know you are getting the most suitable lenses for your needs. Taking your lifestyle, occupation, and hobbies into consideration, you and your doctor can determine which lenses and enhancements are right for you. Then our optical team will provide the most technologically advanced, customized lenses to meet your vision needs.

Types of Lenses & Enhancements:

Digital Single Vision:
- Filters out harmful blue light
- Reduces eyestrain when using a computer

Anti-Reflective Lenses:
- Improves nighttime acuity
- Lets people see your eyes better
- Comfortable, scratch-resistant, UV protection

Polarized Lenses:
- See clearly 23 feet farther when driving
- Reduces sun glare
- See more comfortably in bright sunlight

Transition Lenses:
- Clear inside at night
- Continuously adapts to changing light
- Dark in bright sunlight

To learn more about what lenses are right for you make an appointment with one of our experienced optometrists or stop in the optical store with a copy of your current prescription.

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