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Are Contact Lenses Right for You?

Are you thinking about wearing contact lenses? What's the first step? By scheduling an exam with The Center for Eye Care and Optical in West Islip, NY, you can find all you need to know to make an informed decision. Then, with proper fitting and guidance from an eye care professional, you can wear your lenses safely and comfortably. Additionally, even if you don't wear eyeglasses, you'll need to see an eye doctor before wearing colored lenses to ensure a proper fit.

You can understand the different kinds of contacts available and the advantages of wearing them.

What Are the Different Kinds of Contact Lenses?

Different lenses meet the needs of wearers with diverse vision problems. The most common types include soft and hard (rigid gas permeable) lenses. Gas-permeable lenses provide better airflow, so oxygen can nourish the surface of your eye. Here's an overview to help you prepare for your exam.

Soft contact lenses come with two options, daily wear, which you remove every day, and extended wear, which you leave in for prolonged periods. Both consist of flexible material with high water content. If you choose daily-wear lenses, you'll take them out for cleaning and storage daily. With extended-wear lenses, you can keep your contacts in overnight. However, you increase the risk of infection. Your optometrist will recommend the maximum period to leave your extended-wear lenses in.

Hard contact lenses are made for specific eye conditions. For example, you can ask about hard contact lenses to replace your bifocals. Learning how to put in and wear a hard contact lens takes time. For instance, they slide around more than soft contacts when you run or play sports.

Daily-wear soft lenses are very comfortable for most wearers. You can use them for vigorous activities without worrying about them sliding around. Want to change your eye color? You can do so with soft lenses in tinted colors. However, if you have severe astigmatism or certain other conditions, soft contact lenses may not work for you.

Extended-wear soft lenses last up to a week. However, we recommend daily removal and cleaning to reduce the risk of infection.

Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

You can achieve a more natural look with contact lenses. They won't obstruct your vision or slide off your nose like eyeglasses. Additionally, drivers and athletes appreciate the broad field of focus contact lenses provide.

Top Optometrist for Contact Lenses in West Islip, NY

At The Center for Eye Care and Optical in West Islip, NY, we'll ensure you're eligible for contact lens wear. When you meet with the optometrist, they will review the pros and cons, including risk factors and how to avoid them. Contact us today at (631) 825-7725 to book an eye exam for contact lenses.

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