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About The Center for Eye Care and Optical

At The Center for Eye Care and Optical in West Islip, NY, we have a saying that summarizes all that we do:“With so much to see, our vision is to improve yours. ”We would like to be the provider for all of your eye and vision care needs.

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We Use the“Three O’s” Method of Eye Care

The eye is the means by which we see the world. Because our eyes are so important to us, we believe that several different yet related specialties are needed for complete and thorough eye care. We were one of the first vision centers in the United States to utilize the Integrated Eye Care model, which features the“Three O’s”, opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists, integrated at one facility. In our practice, this system puts patients first, in a professional environment of respect that facilitates excellence in care.

Our Newest Partner

The Center for Eye Care and Optical welcomes Dr. Strachovsky as a partner with open arms and looks forward to the bright future that his expertise will bring to our practice. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide top-tier medical care to our community, and Dr. Strachovsky's partnership further solidifies our commitment to excellence in eye care. 
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Our Professional Staff

Our eye care center was founded in 1987 by the late James Collins, MD. Today it consists of a team of board-certified specialists. Our professional staff includes Gregory Persak, MD, FACS; Jeffrey Willig, MD; Alexander Rabinovich, MD; Matthew Strachovsky, MD; Edward Mohr, MD; Bennett Hong, MD; GeorgeWollman, OD; Todd Lustig, OD; Michele Espinosa, OD. Our eye doctors hail from a variety of prestigious educational backgrounds and have received numerous awards for professional merit. They bring professional diversity to our patients like none other. The collegiality at the center is perhaps summarized best by Dr. Strachovsky believes that the physician /patient relationship is more important than ever. Being an Ophthalmologist allows me to help patients and build a foundation of trust, knowledge, and professionalism when it comes to eye care.

Our Technician Staff

A highly trained, compassionate, and certified professional staff supports all of the eye doctors at the center. They are a critical part of the eye care and general ophthalmology services that we provide.

Why You Should Choose Us

From the moment you walk into our facility, you will be treated with professionalism and courtesy. Your care and comfort are our top priorities. One of the first professional services you will receive is a complete and comprehensive eye exam. We are pleased to provide routine eye care, vision screenings, family eye care, and specific medical eye care. We can perform cataract surgery and are experts in oculoplastics. Our center also has an optical store on the premises for your convenience.

Eye Care in West Islip, NY

If you are looking for the best eye care in West Islip, NY, contact us today at 631-422-1110. We look forward to hearing from you and caring for all your vision-health needs.
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