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From the Optical Services Center: New Brands and Bestsellers!

Our Optical Dispensary prides itself on offering the best products focusing on performance and protection as well as the most technologically advanced lenses and latest frame styles at competitive prices. In addition to the many designer ophthalmic brands, we also have a collection of high performance products including Wiley X frames and Trivex lens materials.

Wiley X and Nike Performance Sun
The Wiley X brand (pictured above) is perfect for anyone looking for a virtually indestructible set of sunglasses or safety frames. Wiley X also supplies the US military with their eye protection. We posted a demo video of how strong the Wiley X frames are on our Facebook page.

In addition to the Wiley X brand, we also carry other performance sun collections, including the full line of Nike Performance Sun and Maui Jim. These brands can have your Rx placed in the frames and in many cases customize lens color based on the activity you plan on doing. For example, Nike produces a Max Sun tint for extra sunny days or a Golf tint specialized to see the slope of the ground. You can check out more information on other lens tints at www.NikeVision.com.

Trivex is the lens material of choice for many reasons, first and foremost its ability to protect the eye from blunt force trauma, like an airbag deploying in a car accident. This lens material is the strongest on the market in terms of impact resistance and will not crack or chip. It is also the clearest lens material to look through outside of crown glass. While crown glass is a fraction clearer, the Trivex material is 10x lighter and therefore a more suitable option when fitting someone concerned about comfort. The lens design of Trivex also gives you more crisp, edge to edge clarity in your glasses, improving your peripheral vision in comparison to value lens materials such as plastic or polycarbonate. We have a special package price for this type of lens with a value frame starting at $149 for a complete pair.

Our Top 3 Bestsellers!
Our top selling brands in our Optical Dispensary are some you may have heard of and some you may not have.

#3: Pro Design
Designed in Denmark and manufactured in Japan, Pro Design frames are made of the highest quality materials. Specializing in exceptional color variations in their plastic frames and lightweight metals, Pro Design frames are perfect for someone who pays close attention to detail and wants their frames to stand out with a modern design and playful colors.

#2: Parade
Parade is our top value brand. They come in a number of shapes and designs comparable to name brand merchandise without the heavy price tag. Like all of our other brands, Parade comes with a one-year warranty.

#1: Ray-Ban
Our number one bestseller is Ray-Ban. Classic, yet modern designs for all age groups, this brand has it all. We have a full selection of both sun and ophthalmic designs with custom orders for size or color available at no additional cost.

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