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Welcome to our Provisions Store

If you haven’t seen our newly renovated Optical Services Center yet, we hope that you will stop in soon to visit us, not only to take a look at the over 1,000 frames we have featured but also our Provisions Store.

Our Provisions Store was designed to feature additional accessories such as cosmeceutical, convenience and fashion-related offerings for your eye care needs. Most times, a doctor will recommend and provide a sample such as an eye lubrication to deal with Dry Eye disease. You will then have to go to another retail location to purchase additional units. Even then, some products such as Oasis TEARS can only be bought through eye care providers. Why make the extra trip when you can purchase the same product here with us?

Here are a few of the products and supplements we carry in our Provisions Store for your eye care needs:

Oasis TEARS are lubricating eye drops that moisten and coat eye tissue. A special substance in the Tears combines with glycerin to keep tears on the surface of the eye for a long time. This provides continued relief of dry eye because that combination of ingredients coats and recoats the eye surface. What’s great about Oasis TEARS and Oasis TEAR PLUS is that they are free of preservatives so that you will not experience toxic irritation. The relief effects of Oasis TEARS last three hours compared to retail-purchased tears which last about 15 minutes.

You can use Oasis TEARS to relieve dry eye symptoms such as:
- Morning dry eyes
- Nighttime dry eyes
- Burning, itching eyes
- Discomfort related to Computer Vision Syndrome

Oasis LID & LASH Gel Cleanser
This eyelid and eyelash cleanser is a soothing, hydrating gel that removes eye debris and dust particles while cleaning and hydrating the delicate skin around your eyes.

Oasis REST & RELIEF Eye Mask
This mask consists of a soft cotton cloth eye mask filled with silica beads along with an adjustable Velcro strap. The temperature retaining beads conform to your face which provide hot and cold therapy for dry eye symptoms and sinus pressure.

Revitalash addresses visual signs of eyelash aging and stress. The Biopeptin formula combines antioxidants and fortifying amino acids that work to saturate and protect your eyelashes from brittleness and breakage. It also helps improve eyelash flexibility, moisture and shine as well as defending it from daily aggressors.

PRN Dry Eye Omega
Dry Eye Omega is a nutritional supplement for those who are suffering from dry, red or irritated eyes. It is formulated with a high concentration of the anti-inflammatory Omega-3 along with Vitamin D3, making it a safe and natural way to address dry eye symptoms. Dry Eye Omega is also proven to address the root causes of posterior Blepharitis/Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

These are a few examples of the many supplements and accessories that we carry in our Optical Services Center Provisions Store. We hope you will stop by and check out our latest inventory for you eye care needs.

As always, we look forward to seeing you seeing and looking your best!

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